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DMRS Team has vast experience of providing consulting, implementation and customization services on DSpace. Our team has worked extensively to develop value added custom features to enhance standard DSpace functionality.

  • DSpace implementation and customization
  • Automated Data Upload utility and Indexing
  • Custom Metadata and Data MigrationDMRS Registered Service Provider of DSpace
  • Flip-book viewer
  • On the fly watermarking on PDF
  • Automated Backup scheduling and Restore
  • DSpace UI in Regional language
  • iOS and Android client for search and view
  • Integration with Payment Gateway
  • Advanced Analytics and Reporting
  • Training and Technical Support

DSpace implementation and customization

DMRS provides technical services for the installation and configuration of DSpace. We will be able to setup your DSpace fast and efficiently. We have experience of installation on Linux and Windows; and working on many databases like PostgreSQL, OracleDB.DMRS provides technical services for the development of new features and customization of existing features in DSpace. We also provide technical services for the integration with your existing applications to make it fit for your use.

Automated Data Upload utility and IndexingDSpaceImporter_ImportArchivesDSpaceImporter

DMRS has developed a GUI-based utility which enable users to automatically upload the Assets along with its Metadata. It also enables the extraction of PDF Content and indexes it for faster search.







Custom Metadata and Data Migration

DMRS provides technical services to implement the enterprise specific custom metadata schema in DSpace.Our team has experience of migrating data from existing Document Management System to DSpace.


Flip-book viewerFlipBook

PDF can be converted to book-like view, HTML5 or Flash, as they are accessed from DSpace. It provides good User Experience – gives user the experience of reading a book and does not allow user to copy the content. It provides full text search inside the Viewer.


On the fly watermarking on PDFWatermark

Dynamic Watermark can be applied as PDF is served over the network. These watermarks do not form the part of original PDF but are applied at run-time as PDF file is opened by user.Different and configurable Watermarks can be applied to same PDF as they are served to different user during different time.




Automated Backup scheduling and Restore

DMRS provides automatic back-up and restore module for data back-up. Data back-up can be scheduled at regular intervals depending upon customer requirements. Intuitive GUI based utility to schedue and initiate back-up processes.

DSpace UI in Regional language

DMRS provides customization of DSpace UI in all Indian Regional Languages including Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Gurmukhi and more …

iOS and Android client for search and view

Customer specific iOS and Android Application can be developed allowing users to search and view the content available in DSpace Implementation on their Mobile Phones/Tablets.

Integration with Payment Gateway

Digitized Content can be monetized by integrating DSpace with Payment Gateway.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Integrating Dspace with Advanced Analytics Engine that can give following information:

  • How many users visited the site?
  • Which PDF Document was viewed how many number of times?
  • Average Page View Duration.
  • Active Time/Engagement Time.
  • Repeat Visitor, Return Visitor and New Visitor.

Training and Technical Support

We provide customized user training which is required for your staff to get trained with DSapce and its related technologies. We also provide ongoing technical support based on customer’s business needs. We have a in-house support team to analyze and resolve any issues as fast as possible.